Rhymes from a cafe in Brisbane…

So I’ve been trying to find some female MCs that have a
message of empowerment that speaks to me
But most of the hip hop I find is all men!
Posturing, testiculating, and making themselves sound all
Tough, and rough, not a lot of positivity,
but I’m sure there’s better things to say
than how big’s your dick and all that agro eh?
Are they the best of the cards you can play?

Don’t give me bitches, hoes, shit up your nose
Just tell me what you’ve learnt and how you grow your
soul and your mind so everything is fine when you
go about your daily grind, cos it’s time, to
teach each other how to be better, to be
wiser, stronger and to live longer, cos
Now is the time for change
I’m learning now is the time for change

So if you want shit done, ya gotta do it yourself
If I want some positivity for my mental health
I’ve gotta write and fly it and share it with you
Because I want to be the change I see
Do you want to be the change you see?
It’s not up to other people, it’s up to you and me
So no longer from the light shall we flee
Let’s embrace a spree of positivity

I wish hip hop had more women
representing. We are of course half the population
we are just as capable of rhyming and styling, but
sometimes I get a bit shy when all the boys are
vying and striving for the limelight
I just wanna share my art, not have to fight, for
attention cos sharing is caring, and I do care, I want
you and you and you and you not to fear, and
be the best you can be, cos you can be
amazing if ya wanna be, try it you’ll see

Don’t ignore your flaws, they are lessons for growth
Nobody’s perfect but no-one’s a total oaf
Every time I’ve been totally honest with myself
I’ve learnt so much and I come out a better
friend, lover, sister to my brother, and
even to randoms that I meet, I’ve
learnt to help people see differently, and I’ve
learnt the road to wisdom don’t come cheap

When I look at an issue from all sides with no
bias or ego but an open mind, I have to
shift my views but always to a better place
that treats all members of the human race as
humans, regardless of whether they’re dicks, there’s
still important learning that you’ll miss, if you
assume you’re always right and don’t evolve
this is not the path to love

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