I Think We May Have Just Found the Fountain of Youth

An expert biohacker’s thoughts on hyperbaric chambers

Ari Rastegar
Sep 4 · 4 min read

Tales of the Fountain of Youth, a mystical spring that touts a spiritual power to restore youth and vitality to its visitors, have been told since as early as the 5th century BC. From Herodotus, to Crusade’s era writers and even across the narratives of indigenous tribes all across the world, stories of a life-restoring chamber with the power to reverse aging, boost our health and ultimately grant ever-lasting life have for millennia captured the imagination of scholars, philosophers, and scientists.

And now, here in 2019- I’m starting to think that perhaps…we may have actually found it.

Hyperbaric Treatment is a medical procedure where participants enter an enclosed chamber where ambient pressure is treated to levels above atmospheric pressure at sea level then administered to the user for a select period of time. Under these conditions, an environment is created where the lungs can intake up to three times the standard amount of oxygen in comparison to conditions at normal air pressure.

And the results of this treatment will absolutely blow your mind.

While hyperbaric chambers are really only just starting to infuse themselves into the mainstream, the technology has been in existence for nearly 400 years with the first documented occurrence of the therapy occurring in 1662. In the 1800s, the therapy became popular across a large swath of Europe until the technology went dormant again until the early 2000’s when the process resurged in popularity as an effective remedy for decompression sickness, a disorder common amongst scuba divers.

And now today, this technology is being utilized by celebrities, athletes and world-class figures to ensure their longevity, health, and vitality. At the height of his Olympic career, Michael Phelps famously integrated the process as a method to bounce back faster from intense training sessions.

And now today, hyperbaric treatment, or HBOT as it is often called, is being prescribed and supervised by mainstream medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic. Take a look at your insurance plan; this treatment has become so popular that it could even possibly be covered in some instances.

And the reason for this explosion is that we are beginning to see that some of the results of HBOT are absolutely stunning. We are sitting atop a total health revolution. And after a lifetime of bio-hacking myself, and experimenting with some crazy, crazy stuff, I have the experience and knowledge to say; I think we are looking at a real breakthrough here.

Ultimately the positive effects of HBOT all stem from a pretty simple concept, increased and concentrated forms of oxygen can do some amazing things to the human body.

We know that the body needs oxygen to heal itself. So when we increase the amount of oxygen exposure from our standard 21% to 100%, studies are beginning to show that this process can catapult our healing factor to Wolverine-esque levels.

Take that Hugh Jackman.

What’s more, just 30 sessions of hyperbaric treatment can increase your stem cell production by a whopping 800%. This has some amazing takeaways for cancer treatment, skin health, cortisol reduction, inflammation management, and the list only starts there.

And the studies just keep on coming. The Mayo Clinic reports that wounds with a generally low treatment response rate such as bone infections and diabetic foot ulcers have been shown to respond positively to HBOT, opening up a whole world of possibilities for diseases and injuries that until now have been plagued by question marks.

Evidence is beginning to suggest that pressurized oxygen therapy can inhibit cancer growth, and when performed in tandem with chemotherapy can actually slow the growth of cancer cells. Patients with autism spectrum disorders can use the therapy to possibly reduce or eliminate related conditions such as cerebral hypoperfusion, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and oxidative stress. And what’s more, researchers are beginning to discover findings to support claims that HBOT can serve as a support for brain-related conditions such as ADHD, cerebral palsy and possibly even PTSD.

Again- we are sitting on a new frontier here.

But like all new technologies, we need more research, we need more information and we need more trials to really figure out what we are looking at here. HBOT may honestly be the real-life manifestation of the mythological fountain of youth. My own biohacking experiments definitely supports that claim. But we need to blow up the studies we already have to a way wider scale. Because more data means more truth.

HBOT may be the fountain of youth. But without a little more science behind it, we may never know.

Ari Rastegar is the Founder and CEO of Rastegar Property, and a recognized leading biohacker.

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Ari Rastegar is CEO of Rastegar Property, a vertically integrated real estate company with a focus on value-oriented real estate. https://rastegarproperty.com/

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