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First network operating system that uses the internet as a base layer and builds its own secure infrastructure on top

The mood at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington is euphoric.

This video of Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and a bunch of nerds dancing awkwardly to the Rolling Stones has become a classic internet meme.

This was the apex of Microsoft.

The gala launch event for Windows 95 that day put operating systems on the map. It turned Microsoft into a household name.

Bill Gates’ address was transmitted live to 43 simultaneous events in cities across the globe — a major technical feat in 1995.

More than 70,000 people watched the live event via satellite.

A giant Windows 95 logo was projected onto the Empire State Building in New York City. …

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Positive step towards cryptocurrency adoption

On June 18, Facebook unveiled the white paper for its new cryptocurrency, Libra. (You can read Libra’s white paper here.)

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Overall, I think it’ll be good for the cryptocurrency space. I’ll tell you why in a moment. But first, let’s look at the details…

  • Libra is not governed by Facebook, but instead the Libra Association. It will have 28 members including Facebook and Calibra (the subsidiary Facebook spun off to craft a separating line between Facebook’s data and social network and the operations of Libra).
  • Libra is a permissioned blockchain. Bitcoin, by contrast, is a permission-less blockchain. Meaning, anyone can run a full node. On Libra, you must be a pre-approved partner. …

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When Moon? and When Lambos?

Before I answer that question, I need to talk about bitcoin…

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Me as a Cryptonaut on the moon with my Lambo

We’ve seen bitcoin go as high as $14,000 this year before dropping to $9,738. Despite the pullback, it’s still up 181% year-to-date — making it among the best-performing assets in the world.

Now, I’ve been saying since April 2019 that the “Crypto Winter” bear market is over. Institutions are coming into the crypto space — and the demand for bitcoin is skyrocketing. This is still the year of Wall Street greed.

So I don’t see bitcoin flopping over and falling apart. …


Manu Rastogi (a.k.a. Bit Devta)

Cryptocurrency HODLER, Blockchain BUIDLER. You can find me on the MOON in my green LAMBO.

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