Cultivating Employee Centric Corporate Culture to Find Solutions

Online Doorstep Delivery with Retail Customer Experience

Amazon yet again have added a new chapter in the world of online retail space by collaborating itself with one of the most stretched player on Indian horizon.

It was long since retailers were raising issues of offers and discounted prices by their online counterpart which were impossible to meet. Recently the discussion heated up when they form a Retail Union and planned to move to court. Also there was news that the retail stores have decided to boycott Apple products to demonstrate their displeasure toward online discounts.

By collaborating, Amazon have practically tackled this issue. Now it can manage state tax and state laws effectively by shipping through FutureGroup or Online. Whichever seems more efficient. Along with that it is giving opportunity to the user to experience the product in the store and purchase it online.

But the BIG question is why this was not initiated by Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, Reliance, Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, or Starbazaar?

A large part of ideas come from employees. Many of them are at the lowest level of hierarchy. Fortunately Corporates are understanding the need of Internal Constitution RMS. Reliance Industry Limited is in the news to implement it recently.

Today employees want to grow swiftly. They demands recognition and promotion for their service to the company. Traditional Human Resource management with yearly assessment is falling apart. Corporates are cultivating entrepreneurship and idea platforms inside the company. This is something which is mutually beneficial for the company and its employees.

Such culture is very much required to be implemented in startups after the successful completion of 3 years. Else for the lack of ideas the company will soon lose its zeal.

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