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Role of Consumer rights in Business-to-business dependency and enhancement

These days consumer rights and business are very strongly interrelated. Due to population explosion people are forced to open up new paths to earn. Traditional philosophy of need and providence is not anymore credible. Many of the businesses just exist these days because they have created the needs. These needs are not basic survival requirements but more recreational in nature. Because of the recreational nature valuing customer is even more important for these kind of companies. Only by valuing customer they can build trust and expect more business through word of mouth which is the most powerful mode of advertisement. There are two ways of empowering consumers. One way is corporate initiative to empower and another way is social initiative to empower. While corporate initiatives are sway in nature and are very much dependent on the company. Social empowerment like strengthening the existing consumer law, creating legal form for discussion, legal NGO etc are more generic in nature and also stable. But for this ecosystem to successfully work, similar consumer grievances should be categorized and grouped and then taken care by lawyers to make it profitable. Also the platform provided should be hassle free for the consumer from start to end and only then the individual consumer would take enough interest to enroll there grievances. This social practice will not only help the consumer but also help the business to grow. Today 1 business mount on another business. Because people are saving time cooking and washing they are indulged in a number of various activities. Like surfing internet, gym and hobby culture. Because they are surfing the internet regularly they get bored and thus attracted towards gaming. Now failing of one branch will affect rest of the tree and thus the overall ecosystem. So even for business to business betterment looking at the big picture the consumer rights need to be protected. Helping the consumer by protecting the consumer rights is a very small part but the big picture is, all the businesses which are mounted over each other vaguely will be benefited by this process.