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UX India Bakers dozen, no. Thirteen (#UXIndia17)

With a Fresh new Design of the website, UX India is all geared up to welcome everyone for the 13th UX all India Conference. Coming November 1st, the 4 days long Conference to be held in Marriott Hotel, Whitefield, Bangalore, India.

UX India has always been a pioneering platform for uniting Industry Experts and bridging the gap between Industry and Academia. But this time it was a bit more special for me to receive an offer from Kaladhar (Cofounder — UX India) to be the official blogger. I called him and soon we slipped into an intriguing narration of UX India’s 13 year long journey. I came to know that this is the first time UX India is launching two new initiatives, UX Quadrant and Design X Award in India. We dwell over a lot of other topics too, like Design Disrupting Socio-cultural workplace routine, Escalating need of Design & Designers in India, Unfamiliar Market Territories, new outlook of Perceiving & Executing Projects and Growing Participation of non UX folks.

We also briefly talked about Design Thinking or in Kaladhar’s word “Design Doing”. Quite thoughtfully phrased, after all the joy of Design Thinking is in its exercises and that can’t happen glued to the chair. Hop Splash Conquer! That’s where it makes the difference, from boring board room meetings our ancestors followed.

Unexpectedly Discovered this catchphrase..


Hop like a UX conducting Exercises. Splash like a Designer. Conquer newer horizon like an Innovator.

Won’t you all agree that this could be a great theme for this year’s conference. What could we do to make UX India more appealing and a fun-filled event? How could we give design conferences an image makeover to stand out from other conferences? Ah.. that reminds me to made a very important announcement.

Prizes to be won for the most number of Tweets! (#UXIndia17)

Its time to implement the things we preach as a designer on ourselves. So, I thought to list down 6 things we can do to Live the UX, that we are. As an UX what do we do? We interview People.

Ask one question to as many people as you can and collect opinion samples. (#MySurvey #UXIndia17)

It’s not only a good conversation initiator to find new friends but also better than silently stumbling from one hall to another. Later you can go back home and record a video or write a blog, listing down stories on other’s outlook. Think hundreds of such detailed topics to read about, contributed by you all, by the end of the conference.

Quote Stage Talks & Tweet Live. (#Talk #UXIndia17)

Get involve, spot a quote in stage talk and tweet instantly. Compete with your friends, keep fatigue away. More importantly show appreciation by liking other’s tweet.

Don’t Stop there, Tweet a Rant or a Note on Product, Design and Organisation. (#Rant #UXIndia17)

One of the favorite pass times of Designers, after all Experience is Derived from Personal Preferences. Consciously being prejudice give the creative edge and individualism to your conceptualization. So we entertain Rants. Although Refrain from taking names and revealing trade secrets.

Who knows, today’s Rant of yours could be tomorrow’s Quote.

Persona Group Selfies. (#DesignerType #UXIndia17)

What kind of designer are you? Ah.. ha.. You didn’t know Designers have types (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3). Tweet your type.

Wear a T-Shirt with your favorite UX quote.

Flaunt your style and take a side. Here is a collection of some quotes to refresh your memory.

Tweet your online portfolio link. (#Portfolio #Jobs #Opening #UXIndia17)

Don’t miss this chance for self-marketing. Who knows scanning through the tweets, someone may like your work and offer you a position.

Check out the UX India Job board at the conference venue.

Before I wrap up this post, Request all of you to take a Short Survey for the new initiative called Design Quadrant. Design Quadrant, a measure of design with an intent to help the design industry benchmark everything about design profession and contribute to the growth of design industry.

Lastly stay empathetic, like each other’s Tweets & feel free to comment your suggestion and ideas below. We would try to include as many as possible.

Once Again… Hop.Splash.Conquer! Let the party begin.

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