6 ads that would have been banned nowadays in the United States

It is unbelievable to think that an advertising agency would promote a product or service through ads that diminish people because of their skin color, their gender, or their sexual orientation.

Fortunately, ads that contain racist, sexist, homophobic and/or inappropriate content are becoming less common, but there are still advertisers that still may think that it is alright to portray these issues through advertising.

Here are some examples of repugnant ads (and one funny, yet inappropriate one) that did not make the final cut to air or to be published:

  1. The Chinese Laudry Detergent that lightens skin color:

2. This xerox machine that is so easy to use that even women can do it:

3. This anti-gay billboard that in Virginia:

4. This “inappropiate” D*ck Maintenance ad:

5. This PlayStation billboard that promotes white supremacy:

6. And finally, this extremely sexist ad that diminished women and promotes a “man’s world”:

Personally, I do not understand why someone would design or produce such ads and commercials that repress people and believe that it would be a successful ad. Advertisers have to understand that, especially nowadays with the increasingly access to technology, the reputation of the brand can be destroyed when an ad like the ones above.

Would you buy a product that utilizes repressive content in its ads? Let me know what you think in the comments below.