How to find a job with nobody’s help

Consider yourself as a job seeker who is applying religiously to every job notification posted on these sites like Naukri, Timesjob, LinkedIn, Shine, Headhunters and so on. You are trying hard to send your application across the tables of all recruiters. But you are not able to get any leads from it and in turn, you are getting anxious and restless day-by-day.

Thoughts like what am I lacking in? How do people get into their dream companies, while I am still striving to get a decent job from a regular company? How to get referrals from people when you don’t know anybody? What is their success mantra?

Gone are the days when people used some influential person’s jack or the statement like ‘janta nahi mera baap kaun hai’ (Don’t you know who my father is?). With the powerful networking site like LinkedIn, you can get in touch with anyone, yes anyone — right from the Founder of the company to CEO to a middle-level employee.

Let’s talk about how to get things done on your own, in details.

· LinkedIn — LinkedIn is a tool for every working professional. If you are not on this profile, then definitely you’re missing the ‘LinkedIn advantage’. With its massive database, LinkedIn helps you widen your network. It is considered to be one of the best social media networking tools for the professionals. It not only helps you build connections with people, rather it will help you get in touch with the right person, like recruiter/HR personals/ HR managers, who will be selecting/ interviewing candidates for the positions applied for. You can also connect with various company founders, CEOs, career coaches and people whom you can seek advice and help when you feel stuck. More than 77% of all the jobs are posted on LinkedIn. Do you need more reasons to be on LinkedIn?

· Referrals — You must be amazed to know that majority of the jobs are not even posted on the company profiles. Yeah, it is true and which means that you can never apply to the internal posting of the company. Wrong! You can apply the jobs considering that you have to put in some extra effort in the form of seeking referrals. Again, LinkedIn will come handy for you. Try socializing with people who are working in your dream company or your potential employer, share your profile with them, message them how and why you decided to contact them. Forward your candidature and hope for the best! To your amazement, some of the kinder souls will definitely revert on your mail.

· Voila Norbert — The other day I was reading an interesting article on and found an amazing and useful tool for searching the email address of someone working for a company to contact him. Try Voila Norbert yourself. Enter the first name and last name of the person you are searching for along with their company’s website. You can confirm the obtained email address by using MailTester.

· Send an Email — I understand that you have messaged him on LinkedIn and you got no revert from it. Reach out to his email Id and send him an email and tweak your message in a way that fits your requirement. Your tone should be subtle while seeking out help from him. You can also browse through email templates available on Google for help.

· The HR Call — Your potential employer liked your resume and forwarded the same to the HR of the company and they have reached out to you for an interview. You need to prep up your script for the call. You should be able to cite your strengths, weakness, milestones achieved along with a keen interest to join the company.

· Prepping up — You have fared well in your telephonic interview and are asked to come for other rounds. Interviews with companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook are quite tricky. They are known for hiring one of the best minds. Fret not, there are an ample number of books, apps and online resources to prepare you for their interview rounds. Simply mugging up the answers from these books would not be enough. You also need to display your personal attributes like team player, leadership, technical competency, communication skills, determination, persistence, eager and willing to add to their knowledge base and skills. Also, research well about the company.

· Nailing the basics — 99% of the interviewer follows the same template. So, master the frequently asked questions viz, tell me about yourself, company specific questions, other standard questions, such as why do you want to work with us, cite an example when you overcame an obstacle, and other questions. Be truthful and start practicing questions. Enhance your soft skills and start reading some books and articles on emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and hone your communications as well. Make sure you have enough examples to show that you are successful in a lot of projects.

· Glassdoor — Glassdoor is a great resource for any job seeker to get inside scoop on companies with employee reviews, personalized salary tools and interview information for almost any company in the world. Spend some time researching about your potential employer and nail the interview.

With above strategies, you can nail any interview with ease. Be courteous enough after completing your interview. Follow-up with them by sending a gentle reminder. Keep it short and sweet. So, go ahead and start preparing for your job at your dream company.