Why is the GOP abandoning Trump? It’s NOT about morals and conscience.

The hypocrisy of the GOP continues to stun me. When the lewd video of Donald Trump was released, multiple members of the GOP FINALLY unendorsed him. And that is shocking to me. Donald Trump has been saying and doing these things for months now — he has been a racist, a xenophobic and sexist not only multiple times but been openly criticized by his party for the same.

So what was different now? We FINALLY had proof in his own words — well the reality is that Donald Trump had said all those things in many different ways through the campaign. Was calling women “PIGS” and “SLOBS” not enough for the GOP? Was implying that he would date his own daughter not enough for the GOP? Was calling Rosie O Donnell “fat”, “ugly” and “disgusting” in one sentence not enough for the GOP? Was calling Ms. Universe “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Universe” not enough for the GOP? I could go on and on and on. All of these comments and more are demeaning, disrepectful to women and full of misogyny. And what about all the insults to Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans and other minorities?

So then what was really different now? What’s different is that the GOP members that unendorsed Donald realized that in order to continue getting elected they can’t have their name associated with a sinking ship. This wasn’t about morals or conscience — this was about getting re-elected. It was about putting their hate for Hillary and their own political ambitions above the love for their country.

It is the same lack of morals and hypocrisy that created Donald Trump and will be the same thing that sinks the GOP.

P.S. I do continue having a ton of respect for Mitt Romney, John Kasich and others in the #NeverTrump movement that never abandoned their point of view no matter if or how much they hated Hillary.

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Abhishek (AJ) Ratani is President of RV Technology and CTO at Charlotte-based Red Ventures. Red Ventures is a technology-driven customer acquisition company that has grown significantly over the last 10-years. AJ has held various roles within the organization, starting as an Engineer 10-years ago and growing within the organization to run Red Ventures largest and fastest-growing businesses. AJ’s other passions range from being an investor in great ideas, finding ways to help other entrepreneurs succeed, and being a voice for woman’s equality and empowerment in the workplace.

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