The melancholy that lies within

Emotions are an important part of our human being. Emotions can be taken as one aspect that defines that we are living. If we were to be inanimate we won’t have such emotions. Emotions have always been there to convey our feelings to others. Be it crying your heart out or laughing without worry emotions are everywhere.

It’s human nature to naturally catch up to the instincts and reply with emotions and actions. But where do we stand now? A society where a mother can’t be true to her child, a society where a teacher don’t care about his or her students. From the pinnacle our society has fallen to the point where none of it matters now. What can one expect in a place which is full of backstabbers who are on the lookout for a chance to get their hands on things they like no matter the consequences. A society where mothers don’t have time for there child as they are busy taking other worldly pleasures for themselves. What to think of a place where a favour is returned by a betrayal; where cashing out of situations has become the ideal thing to do. Money is all there is left of value in this world.

This world has forgotten about the true love, it has forgotten about being cheerful and it has forgotten the most important thing to live cheerfully. All that’s left of the greedy self of people craving for self nourishment self fulfillment and self consciousness. Yes it has become the collection of melancholic ideology. An ideology where true happiness is a myth and the entire social reality is nothing but a facade. A mask which prevents ourselves from finding out true happiness and to satisfy ourselves by faking emotions.
The insatiable desire to curve out other’s happiness is a curse we got from this. So we shouldn’t give in to the melancholy that lies within.