Day 1 : Starting My Journey

I wrote my first code in 2005 in my paper notepad at the age of 15. I got hold of a Computer Programming book from my uncle that time. When I read the book, I got so exited to find my new love. I can still remember my first program. It was in QBASIC and it take year as input and print if it is a leap year or not.

From that time I kept learning every languages I get hold on. But never thought about learning one language properly and then learn algorithms and design patterns. I know almost everything but in my own way. I understand them and can describe them in simple terms but If anyone ask me to give the exact answer, then I can’t do that.

A few day’s ago I found a Github repository Coding Interview University by Googley as Heck. In my scattered programming life without any proper guidance this list is godlike. And from today I am going to follow it religiously.

I may have lost my way, I may lost so much time trying to find my position. But I believe I can still achieve my childhood dream of being a Software Engineer at Google.

And HERE I COME Google Developers … :D

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