The Weight (Take a Load Off Frankie)

And here is what I have to say about the 76ers: The management of any NBA team boils down to like I how use twitter: it’s all secret jokes. Why did we accept the ethos of the thought Process that regards not winning as a win? The future is a terrifying lie. I still kinda disrespect my friends who are making babies for it. Sam Hinkie tried to imagine what 2020 looks like? Did he know that the movie Idiocracy and Kreayshawn’s “Gucci, Gucci” would stay finessing the acceleration of increased returns at a shocking pace? The 76ers have been for years making a mockery of “why we play.” Losing Hinkie*, getting Simmons to join Embiid, it was conceivable that the team finally is going through with Not Tanking. And yet! We have this:

(The Ringer)

And what’s most distressing is this Joel Embiid injury report. Like, the brass announces he’s torn his meniscus on the February 11. But what do we see before club o’clock the night before?

(Matt Steadman)

Oh that’s right, it’s yr mans pop-lockin to a cut from Purple Reign with no shirt on in front of thousands of Meek Mill fans. … despite the fact that being a Meek Mill fan in 2017 is admitting you live under a bridge and demand those trying to cross solve three riddles before crossing … Management states they’d known about the injury since January 20th. Which puts us in the situation: if NBA brass starts to act like the fuckin NFL when it comes to injury reports, this sport is gonna implode. You have to consider: are the 76ers just proud of alternative facts? Or is their incompetence pointing to a larger gap in player injury reports and minutes played? And Meek Mill might be responsible for Nicki not releasing any bangers in a year, but he’s a muthafuckin local hero! How can you tear Embiid from the team weeks after he tore his meniscus, because he did some rudimentary dabs at a concert by a prodigious native? Do you really want all of Philadelphia to hate you?

*There is nothing more Philadelphia in The Letter than the sentence lamenting the loss of the Blackberry dedicated keyboard.