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Mandy Elwell
Sep 16, 2016 · 2 min read
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While it was hard for me to say goodbye to my old writing service (since it shut down), I had to start looking for alternatives. I happened to find by pure luck and with it I decided to examine my potential new service. I noticed straight away that they’ve been in business for more than 10 years and that they offer services in huge numbers of different formats and topics.

Quality of service

I found that testimonials on the website were favorable; this was to be expected. I’ve seen a few reviews of on different websites and I don’t remember reading anything that would stick out as bad. People mostly reported that they had trouble with poor writing and trouble with getting revisions done.

I decided to ask for a free sample since advertises itself as a customer-oriented service. While the paper was well formatted and lacking any troubling errors, I have noticed something strange. The entire page was basically three or four lines repeated over and over only in different words. It leads me to believe that the advertised “experts with Ph.D. degrees” might just be an attractive sales-pitch.

Customer support

I decided to contact customer support via phone and they were kind enough to answer right away. The operative was polite and answered general questions about the service they provide but couldn’t answer any in-depth questions about writing services. I found this odd simply because the person didn’t know basic things about the product they were selling, instead pointing me towards ordering a paper and reassuring me of their professionalism.


The prices on fluctuate depending on the complexity and urgency of your paper. Starting at 16.95$ per page of high school level writing, I found to be more expensive than other options I’ve considered. Their discount system is what ultimately turned me off from using their services. Apparently they offer discount codes to students who post positive reviews about them and these are in 3–15% range. Why wouldn’t a student with limited monthly budget write a positive review if it meant he can get a good discount in return? I see this as buying off their customers and I don’t like the idea. The prices themselves are higher than usual for such a writing service anyway.


While the paper you receive may be of good quality, you’ll be lucky if you get any revisions done afterwards. Be prepared to pay more for than you would at some other writing service that might even offer higher quality writing in return. I decided not to use this website simply because it wasn’t worth the price and risk.

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