Parity Performance November 2016. Where does your city stand? — APAC

The degree of rate parity observed for hotels in APAC between brand websites and the OTAs clearly depict a stark variation by location, in the November 2016 report. The table below shows a snapshot.

Looking deeper into the report, below enlisted are the key takeaways:

  • In the 3-star hotel category, Shanghai has particularly maintained the maximum parity with a score of 91%.
  • When it comes to the percentage of hotels that are cheaper on brand websites in the 3-star hotel category, all the hotels in New Delhi and Jakarta prefer their own brand sites over OTAs. Their scores (58% and 50%, respectively) confirm that hotels here are collectively offering lower rates.
  • Contrastingly, in the 4-star category, hotels in Mumbai city show very low parity compliance, as the score is 0%.
  • Similarly, the percentage of hotels in the 5-star category is very low in Bali and Penang. The parity scores in these regions stand at 0%.

The 3-star hotels in Mumbai and Singapore have scored as high as 100%, as they offer better rates on OTAs when compared to their brand websites.Hotels being cheaper on OTA sites is an interesting factor in APAC, in the parity versus non-parity debate.

  • In the 4-star hotel category, Hong Kong is at 90%, as hotels here are following the same pattern as discussed in the previous point.
  • In the 5-star category, hotels in Penang have scored 100%, which shows that rates are cheaper on OTAs as compared to brand websites.

Let us take a look at the parity heat maps (shown below) for 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels in APAC.

Click here to expand the heat map for 3-star hotels

Click here to expand the heat map for 4-star hotels

Click here to expand the heat map for 5-star hotels

Did you notice?

  1. Almost half of the 3-star and 4-star category hotels in New Delhi are preferring not to sell on OTAs. The percentage of hotels cheaper on brand sites is high, as the scores stand at 58% and 50% respectively, in each of the categories.
  2. The parity scores are low in the 5-star category, especially in the cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bali and Penang standing at 2%, 6%, 0% and 0%, respectively.
  3. In the 4-star category, hotels in Bali are cheaper on OTA sites, with a score of 5%. The aforementioned numbers clearly indicate that there is a huge scope for meta search engines here in order to source out best deals to the potential customers.

Disclaimer: The above data is indicative in nature and RateGain can’t be held liable for its accuracy or usefulness for any purpose.

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