The first blockchain auction for ICO’s

About the project: is the first ICO auction built on blockchain technology, with detailed information regarding past, present, and future ICO projects. By incorporating blockchain technology, we provide a fully transparent platform encompassing all transactions taking place on the platform.

Our vision:

A secure and transparent platform which will increase the reach and potential of ICO projects to new levels.

Problems currently facing the ICO market, and how we aim to solve them:

Currently, the internet is over saturated with advertisements promoting ICO’s. Therefore, finding a reliable platform on which to promote an ICO, consequently gaining access to thousands of potential investors is no easy task. Which is why companies launching ICOs are currently to spend a large portion of their financial and human resources on promoting their project.

The blockchain auction will revolutionize the way ICO’s are promoted over the internet. Through the utilization of a multitude of technologies, the effectiveness and returns of marketing investments in ICO projects will skyrocket.


Users rate ICO’s on using star (STR) tokens. The more stars (STR) an ICO accumulates, the further up on the list they move. ICO’s are divided into three lists: past, current, and future.

How it works:

In order to be included in the list, an ICO must be registered on In order to move up the list, an ICO must purchase or accumulate stars. Stars can be added to an ICO project by clicking on the “up” arrow located beside the listing for the project. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain, ensuring maximum transparency.

All ICO’s included in the list will be sorted in accordance with the amount of stars they receive.

* Each ICO receives 1 star (STR) upon registration.

* Each ICO may receive/purchase stars (STR) at any time and in any amount.

Applications of the STR tokens:

At this moment, STR tokens are used within the system. Through the acquisition of stars (STR), the holder (including ICO’s) has the ability to increase the rating of any ICO listed on our platform.

Pre-ICO and ICO structure:

Total supply of STARS: 60,000,000 STR Tokens

20th of September 2017 - 1st of October 2017

PRE-ICO round – 1 ETH = 300 STR

MAX CAP – 1,200,000 STR tokens

1st of October 2017 - 18th of November 2017

ICO round – 1 ETH = 150 STR

MAX CAP – 40,000,000 STR Tokens
After the ICO: 1 ETH = 100 STR

* 12,000,000 STR reserved for the team.

* 6,800,000 STR reserved for the bounty and affiliate programs.

* ERC-20 Utility token.

Processes which have already been implemented:

Launched beta-version of the blockchain auction

Finished development of the smart-contract, tokens created.

Pre-ICO and announcement launched.


September 2017

  • Pre-ICO

October 2017

  • Team building
  • ICO
  • Legal

November 2017

  • More indicators from which the rating of an ICO will be determined.
  • A platform for cryptocurrency and ICO experts.
  • The addition of STARS tokens to exchanges.

December 2017

  • A STARS Exchange.
  • New developments and functions.
  • With the help of the STARS exchange, users will have the ability to acquire other cryptocurrencies with STR tokens.
  • The creation of a section on the platform enabling companies to find a team and advisers in order to launch their own ICO project.

Benefits to the investor:

The opportunity to purchase tokens at a discounted rate, for after the end of the ICO, these tokens will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, investors will have the ability to make a significant profit. From the standpoint of futures and speculation, ICOs are definitely worth investing in.

Why STR tokens will grow in value:

Blockchain technology is beginning to be implemented in various applications. However, it is obvious that the ICO phenomenon has been the most successful application so far. Currently, hundreds of new ICO projects are being launched every month. In a few short years, there will be thousands.

What is the logic behind the certainty:

If one were to look at the current state of affairs, they will notice some indicators which have never been present for all of human history. Until now:

Possibilities which arose form the growth of technology, globalization, the internet, and blockchain. More specifically:

  • Population growth throughout the last 20 years;
  • The number of entrepreneurs has grown 15 times in the last 15 years;
  • The growth in the amount of companies;
  • The thousand-fold growth in the amount of data and connection shared between entities;
  • Geo-politically, the world is becoming uni-polar;
  • The rapidly increasing speed of data transfer in finance and other applications will drastically change the world we live in.
  • We are witnessing nonlinear and revolutionary leaps in technology on an ever-increasing basis.
  • The rapidly-growing number of programmers, engineers, qualified market experts, and professionals who analyze data.
  • The proliferation and growth of cryptocurrencies which remove all barriers involved with international business and do away with middlemen. This gives individuals and businesses alike the opportunity to utilize their resources as they see fit, without restriction. The ICO phenomenon is clear evidence to this.
  • The ability to set forth with key initiatives is no longer reserved to corporations, visionary leaders, or governments. Instead, this power is given to individuals united around a common idea. This used to be close to impossible, but new and revolutionary technological developments have made it possible.

The previously stated points are a testimony to the fact that the world is not standing in one place. On the contrary, the forward development of humanity, along with technology, is irreversible. As a result, the thousandfold increase in the number of new ICO projects will solidify this method as the go-to method for most, if not all future investment projects. Therefore, the utilization of and demand for STR tokens will only increase.


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