Rate my Leader Episode 0 — INCEPTION

Rate my Leader Episode 0 — INCEPTION… All human beings are born free and equal in rights.

We all share the same planet, and therefore have the same rights.So in a world where we are all born equal in rights, why do we need leaders? Why should any of us prove their leadership? The answer is simple: because as humans we feel the need to evolve, to interact with others and experiment in order to get the most in life, without having to fear losing everything. We call leaders those that are encouraging this evolution, and in doing this they protect those in their care and foster the art of personal growth and development, which in essence leads to innovation and growth in our society.

Rate my Leader is not human, however, it represents the most humane way that a piece of software can support those that interact with it to grow and develop as leaders. Giving and receiving feedback represents the most precious gift that a professional can offer to another. And because we believe that every user of Rate my Leader is free and equal in rights, we offer our users the possibility to rate those that support their fearless professional journey.

But first, let us tell you our fearless journey…

We came to exist based on the vision of our CEO, who had envisioned the World having a virtual place where people can offer feedback about those that provide leadership (direct manager, matrix managers of peers in leadership positions). Our CEO does not have a technical background, but she has an algorithmic mind and plenty of emotional intelligence. She decided to work those personal assets, alongside assets of people in her immediate network to generate the inception of this virtual place that she was thinking of.

This is how our company got on board our People Strategy President and Finance & Business Development President, both two extremely talented individuals who wanted to step out of their comfort zone and do something totally different to their day jobs. Our Finance & Business Development President is an art passionate, a proven expert in numbers and a pragmatic mind when it comes to the world, beyond the online. Our People Strategy President is a visionary fashionista caught between her passion for IT and the need to positively impact those that share her passion for personal development and growth.

So far we told you about the dream, the network, the personal assets…but Rate my Leader is an online web application so… what about the techies that built it?

Our People Strategy President has a geeky girly connection, going by the nickname The Dragon among developers and who once told her that she would love to work on something new, built with clean code, and with those awesome tools that any programmer dreams to use at their daily job. The Dragon meet up with Rate my Leader CEO, heard about her vision and decided to join our team.

Yet coding is no fun without a pair for …? yes, you guessed: pair programming. And we now have a pair of programmers: The Dragon and The Alpha Geek, who decided to join us right after he heard what we envision to create. The Alpha Geek is a meticulous programmer, however he is also in charge of keeping “honest” the business side of our company when it comes to the product life cycle.

We now had the bold business people and the brave programmers, but still we were missing those in charge with application’s beauty look. For this area we got magic from the Pixie, the sister of our CEO. The Pixie has a background of urban architect, but she successfully got into designing at the inception stages. And so the team grew, and as we got our application on the market our users became more curious about new features and releases. One day, the Dragon shared the vision of Rate my Leader with the Interactive Guru. He loved the ambition and decided to also join our team. Nowadays he is working on user feedback and awesome user interface features to get the inspiring look and feel of the Rate my Leader application.

Our story does not end here, as our team is on the quest to globally increase the quality of leadership through feedback. We’ll share with you more news in the next episode so make sure you stay tuned and remember: everyone deserves a great leader!

To be continued… Episode 1 — Discovery (end of August)