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Change the dialogue FROM ‘are you a good hire?’ TO ‘are you a good leader to work with?’…

If you would have the words to change a nation would you hold back?’… My belief is that you should always speak-up especially if it helps others. We often hear that ‘ People leave bosses and not companies ‘.

In 12 years I have had 12 bosses and I understand what is the real meaning behind this quote.

Right now, I’m doing a job that I love, I have a boss that is a true leader and I love working with him. However during my career I also had down moments as a result of poor leadership. In those down moments I ended up doubting myself, it lowered my confidence and I even cried myself to sleep asking simple questions like ‘what have I done wrong?’, ‘did I make a mistake when I accepted an opportunity with this leader?’, ‘am I right for this opportunity in the first place?’.

When you cry as a child you forget all about it by the next day when you wake up. When you cry as an adult it’s daunting because the questions never go away and you want answers.

The more I thought about my questions, the more I started questioning things like employment experience, employment propositions, leadership propositions and the simple dialogue between an employee and their boss. I realised that for a dialogue to happen it has to be based on two-way feedback, alternatively it is just a monologue.

This made me even more curious to change this dialogue and do more research regarding leadership pipeline concepts by Stephen Drotter, what leaders do and look like by Simon Sinek, originals as leaders by Adam Grant and lastly but the most impactful to me, gender diversity in leadership shared by Sheryl Sandberg via Lean In.

The more I tried to answer my questions, more questions raised and in the end lead me to creating Rate my Leader. Questions like: why are some bosses better than others? is it a boss that you should look for or a leader? why not change the dialogue with your leader regarding upwards feedback? maybe those bosses that aren’t that good nobody gave them the feedback? why was feedback not shared? maybe because of a lack in belief that every single one of us deserves a great leader and not just a boss? why do we deserve great leaders? Because great leaders cultivate innovation and growth, both key to the evolution of our society.

I realised that the two-way feedback is the key to changing monologues into dialogues and so to assess leadership quality, facilitate discussion and enable transparency. As such, after 10 months of intense research Rate my Leader was born.

The Ambition of Rate my Leader is to globally change the leadership dialogue between employees and leaders by enabling transparency of individual leadership assessments. The concept is growing and has now reached over 7,600 users across 100 countries globally.

Who we are? An online give-back network dedicated to professionals and providing a Leadership Badge of Honour to users to showcase ratings and recommendations received to current and future employers.

What we do? Enable professionals to anonymously rate their leader/s (direct or matrix bosses), view their own rating and invite their team to rate them.

How we do it? Ratings are individually granted on the platform after joining the community and are independent to any employer rating system. Ratings are anonymous by using our unique 5 dimension and recommendation system, resulting in a Leadership Badge of Honour. We also enable you to check out the Leadership quality index and Leadership Badge of Honour of the hiring leader, to allow you an informed decision before entering employment engagements.

Why? If not, why not? You deserve a great leader.

I really hope this article, and Rate my Leader, comes to you at the right time to make a change. My only ask of you is ONE: make sure you choose your leader!

I now choose to choose what leader I work with and you should also.

Alex Badulescu

Founder and CEO Rate my Leader

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on May 14, 2017.