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Is your leader a ‘Willing Accomplice’ in the success of your Career?…

Your Leadership Badge becomes in the future your ‘Career Compass’, but have you found your ‘Willing Accomplice’?

The other day I was reading this book a good friend of mine gave to me some weeks back, ‘ Together is Better’ by Simon Sinek. As I was reading it one paragraph caught my attention simply because it made me stop and reflect on those difficult moments of this little thing called life, moments when we seem to forget that ‘ if we have the right people around us, they will give us the courage to keep going’.

This also made me stop and reflect on the fact that having a choice in choosing whom we surround ourselves with is essential and we should express it in our journey, whatever that might be or mean to each and every single one of us.

This mindset applies to all aspects of our lives (even though at times we think that some are way too complicated to have such a simple answer) like for example: our career, our personal development and the most important those we work with and for during our career and development journey.

In the previous article I shared with you my perspective on the fact that you should choose the leader you work with and that Rate my Leader is therefore supporting you doing just that, alongside giving you the means to share upwards feedback regarding your leader/s and also keep informed about what the crowd says about your leader.

Following the previous article I wrote, some of you asked me to share more insights about the vision behind Rate my Leader community. As such below are some thoughts.

For me finding my path started when I was around the age of twelve, after spending a few summers with my grandparents who lived at the country side. That is when I learned, through helping them with chores, how to read location coordinates and get around just by using the signals nature gives us.

Now that I’m an adult I see that experience in a different light: meaning that curiosity to learn was my ‘compass’ and my grandparents were my ‘willing accomplices’ who helped feed my curiosity and guide me to find my destination which was constant learning.

This example is not very different in the case of our careers and personal development, because we all are on a constant learning journey, school never ends and we’re always exposed to new learning experience depending on what our individual compass is. All good and well, however the killer question here is ‘have you found a willing accomplice?’ in the leader/s next to you (albeit direct leader, matrix leader or peer leading on a piece of project at your work place).

What is the change in leadership mindset Rate my Leader wants to bring globally? The vision behind Rate my Leader refers to the ‘willing accomplice’ part of the above. This is key if you are ever going to be successful in reaching your career destination and having a rich journey along the way.

In order for you to have a ‘willing accomplice’ in your leader/s, you need to know what their strengths are and if these truly match your needs. You are entitled to a dialogue as equals with your leader/s about what is it that makes them great to work with and therefore for you in return to trust and welcome them on your career journey, share yourself at your very best and make both parties successful along the way. Contracting with a leader on basic aspects like these is crucial when accepting an employment venture, as success is a two way street and along the journey both parties must own up to their part of the deal in order to reach the destination.

Over the next decade the way we accept employment ventures will be different to how we do this at present. Focus on whole self will become greater and the perception around quality of work will change to portray a ‘work to live and not live to work’ culture. At the same time any employment ventures proposed will have to be truly meaningful and focusing on the individual compass versus ‘stuff you do to get ahead’.

That is also a future in which I envisage personal development and fulfilment becoming an area in which leaders will be asked asked to step up more than today and behave as true leaders in order to support those in their care to reach their destination. Simply being a manager that handles people related admin tasks will just not be good enough.

As such the Leadership Badge of Honour (see mine attached, TM of RmL Ltd.) will become an integral part of employment ventures and will also steer a constructive competition around great leadership being a virtue and not a given right resulting from a promotion. Therefore working on having a dialogue with those in your care will become crucial as your badge will depend on it and will also trigger people to accept (or not) working with you as a leader. Now that is the vision of Rate my Leader and in order to progress and create something that lasts over time a movement that calls for a step change is needed…

What do YOU choose for yourself?I choose to speak up and choose the leader I work with. So far 15,000 people from 117 countries have joined Rate my Leader to support their own and their leader/s development.

Alex Badulescu

Founder and CEO Rate my Leader

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on May 28, 2017.