An open letter to Craft Beer to follow the Marketing of America/Budweiser

Dear Brewer/Beer Enthusiast/Friend,

I write you today to discuss a major branding change that I can only assume you have heard about at this point. About a week ago, the beer world was positively rocked by the news that Budweiser would be changing its name for the summer of 2016 to ‘America’.

To some this news might have ruffled some feathers or at the very least raised some eyebrows. After all, how dare they, a brewery owned by a Belgian company, put the name ‘America’ on their cans?

What Budweiser is tapping into here is a movement that craft breweries have been utilizing for a while now: a sense of local pride.

But local pride isn’t just a marketing scheme for craft beer. Local pride is in the very lifeblood of the product. Buying from a local craft brewery doesn’t help a multi-national corporation, it helps a small community improve itself.

Which is why I call on the craft beer community to continue this message and embrace Budweiser’s marketing strategy as a way of promoting their own local pride, focusing on the community that actually benefits from the purchase of the beer.

I ask you to, for 6 months, change the name of one of your beers to be the name of the community it benefits most.

I comped up a couple of potential examples of what this might look like:

I hope this letter finds you well. Keep up the great work.

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