When 2017 started I had a plenty of goals for this year. Some of them are reached, others are not. (I’ve written a whole article about this.) One of these goals was to spend more time on reading.

The story

When I was a small kid, I nearly read everyday. I even spent whole nights reading with a torchlight under the blanket so my parents would not find out that I was still awake that late.

But then when I started as a web developer, I found myself reading tutorials and documentations only. At the same time in school I was forced…

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By the end of every year, I spend some time to recall the past year and analyze what went well and what did not went the way I expected. As a result I get a corrected path to go for the upcoming year.

I mostly spent the last two years with getting some private life back. While most of my life consisted of work and more work by then, I made it to get some rest during the last few months. Moving from Haltern to Schleswig helped me a lot. …

Since a few days I’ve been playing around with Tailwind, a CSS framework that’s been released some days earlier. And I fucking love it!

In this little post I’m going to build a simple web page using Tailwind and show you why I love it and how easy it to create awesome stuff with this framework.

Important note: This post was written almost two years ago when the first public version was released. Since then it has grown a lot and recently reached a stable 1.0 version. …

It’s the end of July. It’s summer. Time to enjoy the sun and time for checking out the beaches and have fun with family and friends. For us Tamils it’s summer as well, but for us this end of July is also a time of remembering.

We Tamils remember “Black July”. We Tamil remember the pogroms that took place in 1983 and that barely one seems to know. In this little post I want to share with what happend during these days in July 1983.

What do we call “Black July”?

In July 1983 pogroms against Tamils living in Sri Lanka took place throughout the whole…

Die erste Woche ist vorüber und ich fühle mich wohl in der kleinen, aber feinen Stadt Schleswig. Ein paar wenige Worte, warum ich mich dazu entschieden habe den Pott zu verlassen und warum es gerade Schleswig geworden ist.

Seit dem ersten November lebe ich hier in Schleswig und ich muss sagen, dass die Stadt genau die Erwartungen erfüllt, die ich von Schleswig hatte: Eine Stadt, wo ich neue Energie tanken und mich wieder auf meine Lebensziele konzentrieren kann.

Verfehlte Ziele

Ich habe dieses Jahr — wie jedes andere Jahr auch — voller Elan und vielen netten Zielen angefangen. Diesmal hatte ich nur…

At the end of the last year I was really frustrated. Having a review of that year I realized that I missed every single goal I had set for it. And I had a mountain of unfinished work left. That’s when I decided that I had to change something. I spent some days in December to find out what made me that slow and inefficient.

How was it, that I was using all the tools like Trello, Toggl and Co, but in the end I was still behind? …

Rathes Sachchithananthan

#Laravel + #Vue (#React) @Aheenaam | Vision of Democratic Republic of #TamilEelam

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