How to launch your DS/AI career in 12 weeks?

Ankit Rathi
Jun 29, 2019 · 3 min read
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From a time around when DS/AI field started picking up, every other day I get at least 8–10 messages from DS/AI starters & enthusiasts on ‘How can I get into DS/AI field?’. Over the period of time, I have improvised my response based on the follow-up questions they ask like:

  1. What is the difference between DS, ML, DL, AI, DM?
  2. What are the roles in DS/AI, who does what?
  3. What concepts, process & tools they need to learn?
  4. Which books, courses etc they need to refer?
  5. How to build a DS/AI portfolio?
  6. How to write a resume for DS/AI?
  7. How to build a helpful network?
  8. How to search for the job?
  9. How to prepare for the interview?
  10. How to stay up to date in this still evolving field?

At the beginning of 2019, I thought why not to build a framework or a road-map for DS/AI starters and enthusiasts so that I need not to answer the same type of questions again and again. And that is when I started documenting what a starter or enthusiast need to do step by step in order to reach a level when he is ready to tackle any challenge thrown to him.

DS/AI field is not a rocket science, still you can relate launching your career with launching a satellite.

On an abstract level, it looks fairly simple, overall process can be divided into four logical phases: Navigate, Build, Launch & Maintain.

Navigate is the very first phase of your DS/AI journey, where you need to understand the overall landscape before diving deep. This step covers Q1 & Q2.

Build phase covers all the concepts, processes, tools you need to learn and the resources you need to refer to gain required knowledge. This step responses Q3 & Q4.

Launch is the phase where you build your portfolio, network with like-minded professionals and start looking for job. This step elaborates from Q5 to Q9.

Maintain phase details out how you can stay up to date in this ever-evolving field. This step answers Q10.

In the last 6 months, I have framed my responses to you around this framework, based on the feedback, I am fairly confident that it works. Based on the feedback by you guys, I have also estimated the overall timeline one should be looking to be ready is around 12 weeks.

Obviously, you can’t be an expert in such a short time but I can ensure that you have all the awareness, concepts, resources and tools at your disposal to tackle any challenge in DS/AI field yourself.

The intrinsic details of each step is not in scope of this post, I will be covering some of the content in upcoming posts.

While I am covering the content in my upcoming blog-posts, if you are looking for everything at one place in a structured way, I have published in form of a book:

Notion Press (India):

Amazon (Outside):

Thank you for reading my post. I regularly write about Data & Technology on LinkedIn & Medium. If you would like to read my future posts then simply ‘Connect’ or ‘Follow’. Also feel free to listen to me on SoundCloud.

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