Even our body is made up of nature, then why we get injured, why our body catch disease? Why we feel sick?

If you will get a body with no danger of injuries and diseases, slowly slowly you gonna convert yourself into a beast and then you will not care about the world and rest of the things which you will need when you get sick, you will destroy everything knowing that you dont need anything, but if your body has danger of injuries and diseases, it will need things to cure, so you will save the world for your own need and will not harm anything. But if you know that you dont need anything, you gonna be a destroyer rather than a creator. Like if we dont need oxygen from trees, we dont gonna fucking care about them, if we dont need to eat or drink we will pollute all of the water and food(well forget it). If we dont get injured, we will not need medicines or plants to cure us.

So everything has a deep reason, if things in this world are not interlinked, it will create a big problem and world had not lasted crores of yeara.