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There are Books. Podcasts. Listicles. And of course, endless emails… intent on telling me how to be happy. You know what I am talking about — the good, the bad, the ugly and some that simply make me unhappy.

But still. I do want to be happy always. Always? Yes. OK. That sounds like an impossible goal. Lower your expectation, you say. Well, that does not sit right with me. I do want to be happy always. You do too. No? Secretly perhaps? Why else would we all be doing what we do?

Working in jobs. Paying mortgages. Maintaining cars…

It is a joy to become a grandmother! In the relatively short span of time from 2014 to 2018, I have been blessed with five wonderful grandchildren: different in so many ways and so delightful in every way. It is a miracle to become aware of how thoroughly and completely I love each of them. The old adage that love can only multiply — not divide — is totally true, and must be experienced first hand!

How lovely is the simple word ‘well’ — like the water in a well literally wells up as more water is used, so too…

I’m a good driver, even if I say so myself. I drive safe and fast, careful about signs, speeding tickets and cop cars. I’m cognizant of others around me, and am generally empathetic — except to those who cut me off savagely or drive like they alone have the right to the road. You get the point. I do know the driving rules, come rain or shine, and am mindful of them. Basically, I drive like you and most other good drivers. But that’s on the road.

Sometimes, when I feel a little too full of myself, communing with nature resets my innards.

It is not always possible to pick up my bags and go on a trip to an amazing place, to recharge my batteries. At such times, a picture is worth a thousand hopes and plans. It can provide instant transportation… “apparate” — Harry Potter style!

Another Spring has arrived! Joy throbs in the heart. Buds push through the snow… What else is there to say?

A gentle stir — can it be true? A glimmer of energy, bravely pushing aside cynical layers lying frozen so long? Out with the outdated freezer packages! Time for Spring cleaning. Time to start afresh…

Winter alerts? Worry not.

Spring’s on its way,

Colors bursting, all around.

Today’s Holi! Let’s celebrate.

If you did not give me my name

Who would I be?

If I was not born in that town

Who would I be?

If I never looked in a mirror

Who would I be?

If I was devoid of all roles

Who would I be?

If I was in no relationships

Who would I be?

If I had no commitments

Who would I be?

If I had no labels at all

Who would I be?

Recently, someone mentioned plans to run in a marathon. Immediately, I felt a great urge to train. At my age, with zero athletic abilities? my inner voice countered. Well, maybe a half-marathon, I told myself, irritated by my doubts. Not a simple thing, for sure. At least not for me. But I was game to try. Foolhardy, perhaps, but there it is.

My list goes on... Anything difficult, and the longing to take it on comes up strong. The more impossible the task, the greater the impetus. Astonishingly, I find that I am not alone.

A friend undertook hiking in…

Dwelling in the past is poison. It will kill you. Surely. Slowly. By pretending to taste like nectar. Luring you again and again, with a thirst that will not be quenched. Until you are no more.

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there…” says L.P. Hartley

‘The past is not a land at all, not even a speck of dust … but a mirage’, say I. But that deadly mirage is no innocent trick of the eye.

Another senseless tragedy, that is becoming almost commonplace in the news cycle. On February 22nd 2017, an intoxicated man hurling racial slurs opened fire inside a packed Kansas bar, shouting ‘Get out of my country.’

The tragedy is anything but commonplace. Heartbreak will never fade for the loved ones of 32-year old Srinivas Kuchibhotla, murdered while relaxing after work in a nearby restaurant.

Rathna Prasad

Entrepreneur, Mechanical Engineer, MBA, Love reading & writing, Enjoy learning & communicating, Family first, Strategic think-plan-do & Love to live life fully

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