The Hole in America’s Soul (And How it Got There)
umair haque

Umair: you always write beautifully. This one is raw, repetitive and even has a few grammatical errors — quite unlike your polished writing. But, it is frightfully true. I couldn’t agree more. You have inspired me to look in the mirror more often to see the naked truth : if horns or voids are emerging, so I can be the change I want to see.

However, it also gives me pause. What is America founded on? First, the Puritan leaders who came with great ideals of religious freedom and soon became as rigid and unyielding in their beliefs as the ones from whose harsh punishments they fled to set up a free world. The Boston Commons hangings included women who dared to differ from the religious beliefs thundered at them from the pulpits. Next, the divide in education. Even from those early days, the United Colonies of New England modeled education for all youth (albeit boys only) on the democratic notion of a public school system supported by parish taxes, while the Virginia Cavaliers living on their tobacco plantations favored higher learning for youth of the upper classes only, with tutors imported from England, and industrial learning for the poorer children on the plantations.

What we sow, so we reap.