100 Days Challenge !!

I always felt it’s an irony when people say “when you get pushed to the bottom, all you can do is come up”, but looking deep isn’t that what the whole human evolution has taught us, aren’t we all nothing but a result of such hard fought evolution.

Lets keep gyan apart, why this 100 days challenge?

Is it part of self realisation to become a better highly productive person, no but honestly an outburst of being a mediocre but again looking deep they are the one who got us to where we are today, as the pinnacle 1% people really show the world is build with the rest 99% so there is no harm in accepting that. Then why such a challenge, frankly its to show off being extra selfish, to look, make and feel better of myself.

What is this 100 Days Challenge?

100 Days Challenge is nothing but to feel good about each of those next 100 days, by trying to make the best of each day.

Goals for the next 100 Days?

Goal 1 : Be a real blogger, start writing those daily original contents, yes you heard it right “Daily”

Goal 2 : Learn a new sport, possibly swimming as it’s already on my goals from last year

Goal 3 : Learn a new language, possibly Hindi

Goal 4 : Write a book, I know it sounds crazy but its ok, I have a plan

Goal 5 : Spend an hour on fitness each day, at-last its time to pull my sock up

Goal 6 : Read a book each week

Goal 7 : Do something cool, possibly upcycling and cooking in love with both these art

Goal 8 : Spend an hour for and on myself

Goal 9 : Quit an existing, bad un productive habit each week

Goal 10 : Take a week off, I think this deserves to be on the top, but I deserve a week off

I know that sounds quite a task, but am I not a product of those millions of years of evolution, I am excited about the next 100 days..

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Happy Blogging :)