Bahubali 2 - Some alternate titles

Bahubali 2: Alternate Universe where palm trees are extremely pliable

Bahubali 2: RIP Physics

Bahubali 2: Gravity is subjective

Bahubali 2: That should really settle the “Genetics vs Environment” argument

Bahubali 2: Authoritarians can do anything and get away with it. Just like today.

Bahubali 2: Bahubali doesn’t like bulls

Bahubali 2: Bahubali doesn’t like trees

Bahubali 2: Bull humps have extreme leverage

Bahubali 2: Stochastic environmental variability does not exist

Bahubali 2: Tamannah has no dialogues in this movie

Bahubali 2: You know nothing, Bahubali

Bahubali 2: Casteism is alive and well :)

Bahubali 2: Be born in a family in the higher political hierarchy to be loved

Bahubali 2: Bhallala Deva has Tyrion Lannister scar!

Bahubali 2: Bhallala Deva definitely has better abs than Bahubali

Bahubali 2: Bhallala Deva definitely has better facial hair

Bahubali 2: Bhallala Deva for sure has better hair style too!

Bahubali 2: Bhallala Deva needs to see a therapist

Bahubali 2: Will ask you to be a bride of my city; won’t tell which one of my two kids you have to marry

Bahubali 2: The real question here is: “Why Bhallala Deva didn’t kill Devasena just when he captured her?” Just why!?!?!?!?

Bahubali 2: Ugh, this is why Kattappa killed Bahubali? Ugh..

Bahubali 2: Have only one child to prevent sibling rivalry

Bahubali 2: What happens when you have an overachieving brother

and finally..

Bahubali 2: Thank God there is no Part 3!