How to Secure your own domain name!

First thing you might do after having an idea to build a website is to secure a domain name! If you are a tech Noobie then this might be a daunting task. So here is a simple and easy guide to securing a domain name for your small business, personal blog or whatever you wish to build.

Step 1 : Coming up with a name (basically your internet address)

  • Decide on what you want to call your business or blog. then decide if you want .com or a more country specific ending such as .ca (if you are not sure about the domain extension then go with .com)

Step 2 : Find a domain registrar

TOP domain registrars.
  • Now to claim your domain name you need to register it at a domain registrar. I use Godaddy because they’ve been around for very long time and so far I’ve had no issues with them. There are others also, like namecheap etc.

Step 3 : Check if the domain name is available

Type the domain name you want to secure here. You can check if it is available and also initiate the process of securing it here.
  • you can do this through almost all the registrars. They will have a search box on their websites that you can type in your domain name, for example “”. Once you do that you should get either its available or that its taken message from your registrar.

Step 4 : Secure your domain name

  • Once you’re certain about the domain name and verified its availability you can go through the process of registering it through your registrar. Now here you should watch out, from my experience at Godaddy I found they try to lock you in for 5 years and also add certain other deals that you don’t need. So if you see a very big number as your total then double check the things you are being charged for. Usually the price of a domain is around 10–12$. With a first year promotional offers it can be as low as 0.99 cents.

Once you go through the payment process you should be a proud owner of your own unique domain name. Now the registrar might ask you if you want your information out in the public such as email address, address, phone number etc. This is completely up to you, if you are fine with marketers getting their hands on your information then you could save yourself some money. Also you can give them a dedicated email address created just for the domain name purposes.


You can buy your domain for number of years or choose to renew it on yearly basis. Again this is up to you. For google ranking purposes, a domain that expires in 5 years might be beneficial. You can also set your domain to auto renew on most domain registrars!

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