Top code submitting projects last month: Lisk, Jibrel Network, Qtum

There are currently 260 projects with more than US$5 million market capitalization, of which only 29.61% projects continuously submit code on github within nearly 30 days.

Top three projects submitted last month are: Lisk, Jibrel Network, Qtum.

Below is the rating for Lisk , Jibrel , Qtum projects on RatingToken.

Lisk rating is 4.0/5, which defeats 96% circulating projects. Overall performance, technical strength is good, community discussion is active, discussion content is Neutral.

Jibrel Network rating is 3.6/5, which defeats 91% circulating projects. Overall performance is good with outstanding technical strength, active Neutral discussion in community.

Qtum rating is 4.1/5, which defeats 97% circulating projects. Overall performance is excellent, technical strength is normal, discussion in community is active and discussion content is positive.

project rating

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