3 Ways to Deal with a Control Freak
Larry Kim

I’ve worked for a huuuge control freak who didn’t do much on their own, and in the end kept blaming others for messing up. So I’ll share my find.

I found it was ego, a fear of underperforming and trust. She wasn’t productive as she had a fear that her work wouldn’t be perfect and was controlling others then because she trusted only her judgement, not theirs (plus if it fails, you have someone else to blame).

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t cope with it in the end — in my case I couldn’t deal with it anymore, it was too much + left an unproductive, unhealthy environment.

What I did learn was, you can’t change their way of working, being a control freak is just a symptom, there’s a drive for it underneath. And if you want to change the symptom, you have to change the drive (which is not realistic outside the realm of therapy). Plus if you start trying to change it, you forget to focus on the deliverables and focus on the issues the other person has — that was the biggest reason why I moved on — too much energy wasted and it risked my work, my learning path, and the deliverables so much…

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