The First Day Observation

March 3, 2017, the first day of observation in SMPN 73 Jakarta. People in SMPN 73 Jakarta mostly kind, included the headmaster, the teachers, staff, and students. They are very welcome to us (i.e. Sampoerna University students that did the observation) and I felt comfortable during observation.

VII-D is the first class that I observed and the teacher who will teach in this classroom is a very kind person. Mr. Rizal is one of mathematics teachers in SMPN 73 Jakarta. Before the learning activities start, all of the students in the classroom pray together. This activity is still used, I think the students do not do pray together in the classroom.

The first thing that did by the teacher is reviewing the material that has been discussed in the last session which is the percentage of profit and loss & interest rate compound. Then, the teacher also discussed the homework that given in the last session and encourage the student to explain one problem. Some students are enthusiast want to explain in front of their friends. However, the teacher crosschecks the students’ answer and also encourage the student who has different answer tell and write the answer on the whiteboard. Since the students do not respond it, the teacher checks the student answer by discussing it together.

The teacher also explains and explain the materials if the students did not understand about it. To make sure the students understand or no, he asks students “Do you understand it?” and if the students say “No, I do not understand sir” then he will explain it more.

The picture above is the students’ observation result of identifying the percentage of profit and loss. This assignment is good and creative for the students because the students will know the connection between the topics and daily activities. The teacher also appreciates the students’ effort to do the assignments.

During the observation in this classroom, I looked the students enjoy follow the learning activities because of the teacher also enjoyable and sometimes did jokes in the classroom.

Although in this classroom observation I did not find the problem-solving activities but I am very happy to observe how the teacher do in the classroom.

Thank you :).