How to kill start-up in 27 steps.

If you ever wonder how to kill a good idea in only few steps, here is a detailed instruction. 
Hope that helps.

First of all you need to follow this rule. 
Because one-man-band is the best option to kill your own idea.

Founder = Product Owner = CFO = CEO = CMO

Most case scenario in 30 steps:

I’m just realistically-ironic. Don’t get me wrong.

1. Create product description. 
2. Consult with developer about technical requirements.
3. Chose blue as a corporate color.
4. Pay $$$$ for logo. 
5. Draw some wireframes on piece of paper. 
6. Hire UI designer to color your wireframes in blue.
7. Start spending money like crazy on marketing. 
8. Grab some media attention. 
9. Get some users. 
10. Ask one user for feedback. 
11. Add new features because one user would like to see that feature on your SaaS. “He’s early adopter he knows best.” 
12. Your layout started limiting your product scalability. 
13. Ask developer to pick a place for button.
14. Do some usability tests: 
Ask your friends and family what they are think about you product.
15. You reached 1k active users. Woohoo! 
16. Some users asking “stupid quesitons”. Where can user change billing info?
17. Some users are asking for more features. Add more features. 
18. You saw that you start losing active users. That’s just seasonal. 
19. Your user lists is very short. You want more users. Add new feature. 
20. Add feature that will allow users to capture profile picture in AR. 
21. There are no new users. 
22. Add more features. 
23. Hire Growth Hacker. 
24. Add few more features. 
25. You are not sure how to use your product. 
26. Start thinking about hiring UX expert. 
27. Add one last feature. 
 — — — — — — — — EXTRA STEPS — — — — — — — 
28. Hire UX expert. 
29. Try to convince UX expert that all features are in “THE CORE LOOP”.
30. Leave UX guy / girl to do this job.