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Until recently bed bugs were considered a thing of the past; attributed to unclean hotels and poor neighbourhoods. Lately, however, there has been a resurgence of these nasty critters, and they aren’t confined to low socio-economic areas anymore. Even in places like fairfax, va, a city once voted as one of the ‘top 25 places to live well’, you may be subject to bed bug infestations. Bed bugs aren’t actually deterred by cleanliness as they don’t feed on food particles or dirt and they don’t spread disease as commonly thought; they do, however, bite and cause nasty skin irritations. These fast breeding creatures can infest a home in a matter of days as their reproductive cycle is exceptionally quick. Though there are many home remedies that can be effective, the only permanent way to eradicate bed bugs is to hire a pest control service to conduct a bed bugs treatment.

There are many bed bug pest control services in fairfax, va, as well as neighbouring chantilly, va. Most good services will use integrated pest management (imp) which utilises a combination of methods to eradicate, control and prevent bed bug infestations. Depending on the factors involved in the infestation, a variety of methods can be employed.


Though not often recommended for sleeping and food preparation areas, pesticide treatments have found to be effective in eradicating entire populations of bed bugs. However, due to government regulations on the use of certain chemicals, what had previously worked to get rid of the bed bugs in no longer able to be use and there has been documented pesticide resistance for ddt and organophosphates. Examples of some chemical used by pest control companies are: dichlorvos and chlorfenapyr.

Heat Treatments

Bed bugs are one of the few species of insect resistant to heat up to 113f, however exposing the bugs to heat above this temperature can be a very effective way of killing of entire populations. Some methods of heat application used by pest control services include: steam heat maintained between 150–170f, shown to be effective for textiles such as pillows, sheets and carpets; hot box treatments, where furnishings and objects are put in a hot box to sterilize for an extended period of time; and building heat treatment, in which entire rooms are heated above 113f in a controlled setting.

Freezing Treatments

Additional to heat treatments, extreme cold temperatures have been shown to be an effective method for eradicating bed bug populations. Temperatures of 3f have been shown to kill both bed bugs and their eggs. Freezing temperature is maintained for over an hour to ensure that the bugs are eliminated. This is most effective on small furnishing and textiles.

Bed bugs are relentless and quick breeders meaning that infestations happen rapidly and are often very hard to control. If you are located in fairfax, va and find that you a faced with a bed bug infestation the best option is to contact a local bed bug pest control service to eliminate the population.

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