Movie Review — Anesthesia (2015)

Anesthesia is a 2015 independent drama film written, produced and directed by Tim Blake Nelson. Nelson stars in the film with Sam Waterston, Kristen Stewart, Glenn Close, Gretchen Mol, and Corey Stoll.

This film still talks about college life with variety point of views, liberal arts, perspectives, social science and sciences.

The writer thinks that will be interesting thing to talk and chat them. Sharing the opinion is the part of chatting around . Now, we will talk about the anesthesia kind an indepedent film released in 2015.

It still talks about college life with their uniqueness.

College life seems like an interesting place to go. To build your mind, to feel an enviroment, to boost your knowledge, to help each others, to fall in loves, to feel heartbreaks,to get sharp your feelings, to understand that world is sucks. We can feel fucking up again and again, sometimes. It doesn’t matter. Even, we have to say its matter. Pain, recovery and repeat. it sounds the world’s principle, doesn’t it?

The writer wants to show this film with her limitation of understanding. the writer will say for this, this film is the one rated as highly recommended for me, for us. Mainly, for college students, people and society. It explained how we try to understand “me in society” and what you think about it deeper. Till, it explained “how people solves their problems and what’s their decisions to make it clear in the end”.

Simply, the film told about philopshopy professor which focus on his people around him. Instead of the story telling how the professor interpreting his life experiences and how his life get attached and/or link to professor’s life, exactly. His people around him which have the different problems and stories for their life, and it explained how they face them. Even, it was kind a puzzle. We have to put one by one to link them up, to get the meaning as well. But it pushes us to learn how we as people made every-decisions we took, and sync them to our stand, point of view, idealism and/or principle. It made us to learn them.

In this film, the writer got many things such as, satisfying conversations, simple- sweet scene, real- reality conditions oriented. Even, the genre is drama. But it won’t be easy-cheesy one. The writer try to feel into it. it felt refresh and reflective to us. Especially for the writer.

It told us how we deal to our sucks society. Sometimes, we have to deal with them. In this film, it explained with a short understandable philoshopy explanation. That was the writer said, this film had satisfying conversations. It helps us to learn wisely a bit much more.

In the end of story, for we are still exist in this world. We have to deal our problems, our decisions. We finish and find the new one and repeat. It will be always like that. But, we have to learn to accept them. Evaluate and elevate them, it made us more human or even, just afraid, professor said them.

We are beautifully finally achingly “alone”