Random Thought — Loser thought!

Do you have hopes? Do you have faith? Do you believe? Do you keep it to your self? Why did you make it? How many times did you fail?

I lost my self, I lost it, I cried, I did it, i’m crying.

Am I not strong enough? Am I stupid enough?

Is that so wrong when we’re feeling sad without caused?

Yes, that’s so wrong and gone wrong

Why do I allow my self to sink? Why?

How to see my self? Even mirror they’re not reflected

How to see me in my self? Even me, I don’t understand either

How to see me? Tell me

Sometimes, I play my self. Why did I allow that much?

What do I crave for? Why do I run all these? Why do I keep asking?

Why i don’t face it! Why I just keep writing! Why!

How do I get rid of these?

Listen, why can people be really wise to deal themselves? Why I don’t do it?

Why am I feeling fragile as fuck? Why am I keeping crying?

Why am I holding all these?

Or i’m just happy to be sad, or I’m just sad to see a happy. Why am i so emotionally fucked?

I don’t even understand with me.

Is that wrong to feel emptiness? Is that wrong to feel it?

I can’t even hold my anger. It fills my chest. It doesn’t let me breathe. I feel that. Just one meaningful sigh, just one.

How useless I’m feeling now. How useless I’m feeling now. How useless I’m. why does it all sudden come to me?

I beg apologize to people who learn to survive and I don’t try it. keep running. I’m good here to see. Push me if you have a time. I need one who emotionally great to stir my feeling.

Am I waiting for that? i seem to not to enjoy the peace.

I’m the one against the acceptances

I’m the one against the letting-goes

I’m the one against the orders

I’m the one against the rules

I’m not the one who in all those sides.

I made it to my self. I destroy my self slowly. How do I turn it back? Why do I choose these sides? Why do I keep to refuse all reason to move?

Even my self don’t answer that. why am I writing openly? See, How stupid I am. How can it be?

Answer me.
I need it. — me