Winchester 8 Seat Round Dining Set — The Elegant Furniture with a Quintessential Aura

At times, several members of the family want to eat together but can’t do so due to lack of options. If you are also facing the same problem, then you need not to worry anymore as you have a saviour which not only solves the problem but also glams up the quotient of your house. Yes, you guessed it right, a dining set is the point of discussion but it isn’t just any dining set, it is a Winchester 8 seat round dining set which can come to your rescue. So, if you want to enjoy eating with your family or want to call up a few of your friends and dine, then you know how to do so.

Dine Differently

Almost everyone is familiar with dining inside enclosed within the four wall, partly because it is convenient and partly because the furniture won’t be able to tolerate the outside atmosphere. But if you are bored with this tradition and want to experience something different, then the Winchester set will come handy. As the set is made of rattan, it is sturdy enough to be used as outside furniture. It has the look of wood, the design of wicker and the air of Winchester. Purchasing this will not only be a unique move but will also make your garden appear all the more elegant. As you use this wonder furniture while dining, you will feel like a proud owner, leaving everyone full of praise for your unique choice.

Specification of the set

Winchester 8 seat round dining set is a set of chairs and dining table with the capacity of accommodating eight people. You will get one round dining table covered with tempered glass of 8mm and eight chairs with rounded tops and back and seat cushions. Winchester weave is the favourite weave of the English people as it was prepared with wicker which was both durable and comfortable. Over here, that same magic has been reincarnated with rattan which is woven on an aluminium frame. The cushions are available in beige and that compliments the natural collared rattan. The reason for choosing this set is that it has multiple facilities.

It is weather resistant i.e. it can fight against frost, shower, and UV. You can clean the set easily; simply wipe the rattan with wet cloth and you are done. The cushion covers are equally easy to remove, wash and reuse repeatedly. In addition, you also don’t need to worry about the powdered aluminium frame as it won’t erode. The tempered glass also has parasol hole, so if the weather is not good enough, you can still sit outside and enjoy the view without compromising.