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My wife is a German teacher who works with [Syrian] refugees every day. Her most important takeaway is this: These are just regular people! They are, generally speaking, neither criminals nor saints (and neither are we, right?) Many people do not realize that prior to the war, Syria used to be a highly-developed (and arguably beautiful) country, not some failed third-world state. Also, let’s remember that we are talking about individual human beings with their own, unique (and often heartbreaking) story.

On another note, I find the controversy regarding whether the USA should take in some 60K (thoroughly-vetted) Syrian refugees absurd and embarrassing for this country. If Germany (rather small country, 80M inhabitants) can handle 1.3M refugees, why can’t the US (huge country, 300M inhabitants, much experience with immigration and arguably a factor in causing the refugee issue)?

Trump, with all his hatred and ignorance (I bet he couldn’t even name 3 Syrian cities!) tries to spread prejudices and to build walls (literally). We should not allow this to happen!

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