Chromium extensions I absolutely adore

As a curious technophile, I use almost all the modern browsers from time to time. I love how each browser differ from the other in terms of philosophy, design and fan base. Despite of the differences, I am sure there is one thing that any internet user will admit: Each browser has it’s perks. Hence there are people like me who like to change their primary internet browser in every other month, very much like what “distro hoppers” do in the world of Linux distributions.

As of speaking, I have had used the open source browser Chromium for some time. In my opinion it has moved beyond the boundary of being just a pretty decent browser. With the power of hundreds of ingenious extensions to give control to almost all aspects of our daily tech life, Chromium won my affection easily enough. These extensions help me in so many ways that I couldn't possible be as efficient using the internet as I am now. Here are a few of those awesome extensions, laid out in no order in particular. More will be added in time.

uBlock Origin

Ads are massive pain in the buttocks, specially when I browse a variety of websites every day. As much as those shiny ads help me find the best sort of enlargement pills, they are mostly obtrusive to reading and viewing the contents of those sites. I mean, who likes ads popping up every once in a while when watching cat videos on Youtube? Enter ad blocker extensions.

This is the number of requests uBlock blocked at the time of writing this article on Medium

Apparently there are two uBlocks available, the one I use is supposed to be mature feature-wise. The difference between all other ad blockers and uBlock is that it have a very small memory footprint, entirely unobtrusive to my browsing experience. It’s undeniably the first thing I add after installing Chromium, or as a matter of fact, any browser.


I will have to admit that the reason why I first got attracted to Chromium browser not because of it’s speed or any other popular features. The real reason was Momentum. When I saw the new page tab at @Tahmid_Sadik’s Hackintosh Yosemite, I was mesmerized by it’s simplicity. I have never even thought about the new page tab as something productive before that day. Who has the time to look at the new tab page when there are tons of things you want to search or websites you want to visit! But extensions like Dream Afar New Tab and Momentum change the that with additional tools for productivity.

Momentum (Image from Chrome Web Store)

Momentum features a nice digital clock in the center of screen, a salutation depending what time it is, and an one line text box to set a focus for the day. Among other features are: a handy to-do list, website shortcuts, weather update, an inspiring quote. Not to mention, it fetches a new photo every day with backgrounds that are mind blowing.

Dream Afar New Tab

The aforementioned Dream Afar New Tab is an good alternative to Momentum. Although there is no different in both of their intentions, their design is notably different.

Dream Afar (Image from Chrome Web Store)

A rather different approach is used in Dream Afar where everything is closer to hand. I don’t even have to click to get the search box or to see my most visited websites, they are displayed explicitly. Just like Momentum it has a search box, a strip of most visited sites, a clock and a weather widget.

Dark Reader

Since I am a nocturnal animal, converting coffee to code at night is my second nature. After all those years of practicing I have made the habit of reading documentations and other books while coding. But the usual light theme of documentation sites are annoying beyond imagination when you have both your text editor and terminal in a dark scheme like Tomorrow Night. Dark Reader chrome extension solves this problem by giving me the power to invert any site’s default color scheme. The interesting thing about this extension is, it’s use doesn’t end in only inverting the color. Dark Reader also has settings for brightness, contrast and even custom fonts.

Facebook Auto Poke

This might sound a bit funny, but actually like to poke my friends on Facebook (Yes I am weird.) Sometimes excessive poking starts all out poke war where more firepower than what my fingers can manage is required. This is where Facebook Auto Poke extension comes in. Just install it, open the poke page on Facebook and forget about it forever. Eventually everyone will bow their heads in front of your incomparable poking power.

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