With respect, I must strongly disagree with you.
Asha Dornfest

Oops here comes the total disrespect. What are you strongly compelled to disagree with? I read a megaton and have a better command of everything I read than you will ever attain. I’m more informed than you will ever be. I don’t “tweak dials”, quite the opposite; I embrace social media, all of it, without getting hung up on the “social” side. I’m a scientist, I favour the stuff that informs or surprises or puzzles me. I’m somewhat a buddhist and believe less than anyone I know.

Thanks for not calling me ignorant or being generally insulting and condescending — that would just make you a jerk in addition to being wrong.

Love etc.

ps Google’s “algorithm” is awesome, breathtaking, gives me chills and is already better than any human could ever hope to be. This is the point — Google, the network and computers generally are tools for human augmentation.


pps https://extranewsfeed.com/you-are-your-bubble-stop-worrying-and-learn-to-love-it-1d80d6da6df7