Getting software across different operating systems should be normalized

Visual presentation of the concept of normalizing the part of software industry

I believe that the way that users get, and developers distribute, software across different operating systems defines how the platforms, and hence computers and their users, cooperate with each other. Moreover I think that how it works today, i.e. on each platform we use both different store and different installation interface, in my opinion, exacerbates an isolation between them, makes it difficult for users with different OSes to cooperate and causes that they focus on choosing a suitable software, rather than on the job they have to do itself.

From my point of view, if we would normalize and unify it — the way we get (and distribute) software — we would blur the line between operating systems and implicitly open and merge a working (and playing) environment, already divided onto smaller ones, defined by different operating systems, into a global and general one. We can do this by giving users a tool for searching software available on all desired by them platforms, helping them out to find apps that work on all operating system they use.

I see this normalization as a general space with software, one for all operating systems, which gathers and lists software for all of them, where one can search for apps available on all desired ones. A place which enables to discover, buy and install apps, there where it is possible, giving users a choice where they can do this.