Spanish researchers discover a bot trying to kill her creator. This Artificial Intelligence, designed to fight in First-Person Shooter video games, was surprised while looking for a way to end the life of her creator in the real world.

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What I will say next happened a few years ago, in 2011, when Jorge Muñoz and I worked on the development of a new generation of the CERA-CRANIUM cognitive architecture. This grim event was something that only a few members of the research team knew. Honestly, I was embarrassed to admit that we had such problems with the development of the CC-Bot line. Also, I think that if the incident had gone public by then, that wouldn’t have contributed positively to my professional research career.

However, now that we are living a historical moment in the development of Artificial Intelligence, where AI solutions are already part of the innovation program of almost any company, I think it is important that people know not only about the benefits, but also about the real risks of developing machines that make their own decisions. …

Co-evolving with the future of AI

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Artificial Intelligence has arrived to stay. We don’t only see it in movies, tv series or books. …


Raúl Arrabales

Raúl Arrabales is a Psychologist, Computer Scientist, MBA and PhD in Artificial Intelligence. Cofounder at Serendeepia.

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