5 (Street wear) Clothing Brands to Buy Graphic T-Shirts This Fall

With fall already here, many people have started to switch up their closet from the light, bright colors and clothing of summer, to the darker, earthy colors of fall. But one thing that does not change is that everyone still has to wear T-shirts. This blog post is dedicated mostly to people who are into more of the street wear style of dressing so a lot of what till be posted will be mostly related to street wear.

Here are 5 street wear brands whose t-shirts should be in your closet this fall.


Supreme has been around for over 2 decades now, but it seems as if it was only recent that the brand started to exploded with popularity. Highly due to celebrity endorsements of it, it being referenced in hip-hop songs, and just the general look of the brand made it what it is today. Supreme creates a lot of t-shirts, usually ranging on various different styles and ideas, making it the perfect place to go and buy graphic t-shirts. They release new clothing every week, so you never get the same thing over the length of a season, giving you a lot of choices to pick from. And if you do not like what they currently have out, you can always go online and find people selling t-shirts, usually for a higher price than retail of course. T-shirts range anywhere from 45–100 dollars.


Hidden Characters has been around since 2013 but like the previous brand, has not become popular until very recently. Created by a group of young adults from the Midwest (from Chicago but started the company and grew it while attending the university of Wisconsin- Madison). this brand really attracts people who are into the Anime/video game/ Hip-hop scene. Like supreme, hidden characters always release different things at different times, however since it is still a smaller brand, its selection is limited compared to most, but the few things they do release are a must buy. Prices for the shirts are 40–50 dollars.


While this might not actually be a clothing brand. TDE or Top Dawg Entertainment is a hip-hop record label and they sell merchandise of their artist. And personally I feel that they making clothing and t shirts that are just as good as other real clothing brands aesthetic wise. They make clothing for each of their artist, From Schoolboy Q, SZA, Isaiah Rashad, to Kendrick Lamar. From concert and tour merchandise, to just pieces they make related to their most recent album, TDE’s shirts will fit any style. Prices range from 35–50 dollars.


One of the most iconic brands in the name of Streetwear, A bathing ape, or BAPE for short has been around since the whole subculture of streetwear has been around, starting in Japan during the rise of street wear over there in the 90’s, it has since exploded since it has come stateside. Hip-hop artist, designers, models, and everyone else has wearing this brand. BAPE is constantly releasing new clothing a graphic tees. From its traditional giant bape head tee, to carious collaborations it has with other companies, there always seems to be new clothing coming out, however it seems that whatever they release, instantly sells out, so if you want to buy one, you must be able to get there in time. These shirts are a little more on the expensive side, but the quality and design of the shirts make up for it. Prices range from 100–150 dollars.


Comme Des Garcon is a widely known high end fashion brand, up there with Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc. But what alot of people are not aware about is the fact that Comme has a smaller line of t-shirts and other clothing items that is veyr popular in hiphop and street wear fashion. The shirt usually consists of a t-shirt with a heart located on it. Shirts are always being released on various sites but mostly on Dover Street Market. the various plays on the one design makes it very familiar, yet unique at the same time. Although this was not intended to be uses as part of street wear outfits, the culture has grabbed and embrace this clothing line. Because this is a high end brand the prices reflect that. Prices range from 88–128 dollars.

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