Neverending Batman Obsession

My last year’s Batman Day contribution

1. Bruce Wayne

Undoubtedly, much of the success of Batman has been the exploration of Bruce Wayne. An ordinary man turned a superhero. Yet to achieve such a status they had to make him an Olympic-class athlete, a peerless fighter, a competent scientist, an audacious businessman, a generous philanthropist, an accomplished actor and a Sherlock-level detective. Among other things.

Am I Bruce Wayne playing Batman or vice versa?

2. The World


The Batman villains represent one of the most inspired and inspiring collections of characters in comic book history. Many of them were born as rather ridiculous foes to be taken to unexpected heights by talented artists.

Love and Death in Gotham

Gotham City

But villains are not everything in Gotham. The city itself has been endlessly reinterpreted in film, animation, and comics. From an almost literal version of modern cities, in which people could find their own reality reflected, often in need of heroes in its streets, to motley micro-worlds of lavish architecture in which to recreate, under almost permanently night skies.


Although many of the Batman gadgets were created as somewhat improvised resources to solve the impossibility of Bruce Wayne to carry out inhuman tasks or, directly to sell toys and accessories of all kinds, I must admit that, for example, the different Bat-mobiles have become one of my personal interests with each new version of the character. More out of curiosity as a designer than because they are essential in each film:

Has anyone already talked about the Bat Mini Pickup? Yay!

3. Intergenerational icon

One Batman for each person (almost literally)

Every generation has one, maybe two, referential Batmen. 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series may mean little to those born in the early 21st century. However, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008) could represent their ‘base’ Batman. The one they remember from their childhood and around which others have gravitated. An incomparably more luminous, fun and carefree Batman.

Multiple casual Batman explorations (2021)
Batman questioning Alfred’s culinary skills


Batman is not just a character. If we only observed the Batman phenomenon from it, we would remain just on the surface. The key concept that could define his success is flexibility.

The fakest Batman Anthology ever made (Batober 2021). One can dream.
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