Who would guess that our mississipi blue blood would come so far that Varga Llossa is still implementing william faulkners’ innovations in use of time in to the story, to name one. For certain there is much more faulkerismo in Llossa in other south american authors.

My interest is william faulkners statement that “ the best fiction is non fiction and the best non fiction is fiction”. One must admit he saw something fundemental. For me, some fiction books are the best non fiction i think ever written. In the sound and the furry……Imagine freinds, to put the narration in to the hands , and through the minds eye of an autistic child?????.

I am a high functioning autic range disordered person from birth. When i read the sound and the furry i just felt this part of me that was the same.. I dont beleive he should be punnished for reporting that society in its racial aspects. I fear he has been.

Its non fiction don’t you know. This quasi fscist Vargas llossa has consistently immitated faulkner in many of the books he is famous for. He uses time almost mechanically like faulkner innovated. As well He admits it. But;this question of fiction as non fiction and vice versa , is a fundemental question for all writers, not just novelists.