Alone day… Argentine holiday, one day after vallentines

Well , i’ll be. Its peoplewith no partner or/significant other day officially and today is also protest the Macri government here in mar del plata. Trust me, many for good reason. Some lame and unenethusiastic. But for many hours all I hear is drum beats and car horns. I had suggested to my friend that the largest protest group, the electricians, would be better at the intersecton of independence and P. Luro. When they did that it got the cars supper pissed. So they sound off their horns to support the protest in ccombo with the heavy beat. In this case a good one as there is but one building for direct electric bill payment for for over 600, 0000 people, it would seem in the public interest to open a few more or perhaps some imagination as per their experitise to solve the problem.

Here they celebrate “ singles day” on the 15th. Very latin American. Not just lovers day but no lovers day too¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡