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Incident Summary

At epoch 32302, the beacon chain started missing a lot of block proposals. Prysm was the likely suspect since Prysm represents a large portion of Eth2 operators. After a short while, we were able to reproduce the error locally and the problem was indicative of a known issue regarding eth1 data voting and validator deposits. While this issue had been reported to us in the past, we could not reproduce the bug and considered it to be an isolated incident. The issue had never been widespread in any testnet nor in mainnet. …

Q1 Recap

December 1st, 2020, the date eth2 phase 0 finally went live on mainnet, was one of the most special days in our careers. We knew that at that point, the real work and responsibilities were beginning. Since then, we have decided to turn Q1 into a period of pure optimizations, stability improvements, and user experience fixes for everyone using Prysm. We took every single criticism from the community as an opportunity to improve eth2 for all our stakers.

We believe Prysm should eventually reach the point of “set it and forget it”, meaning, you can forget you’re even running a…

the hash slinging slasher

This post regards information on slashing in the Eth2 network — what it is, why it’s used, how to avoid being slashed, and what to do if slashing occurs. Most of the information presented within this documentation is implementation agnostic, meaning it will be applicable to all users, regardless of whether they choose to run Prysm, Lighthouse, Teku, Nimbus, or another implementation for their validator setup.

*Important Disclaimer*

This post, as well as the Prysm eth2 implementation, are covered by our official Terms of Service. Within the terms, it is specified that Prysmatic Labs holds no liability in the case of lost…

We are pleased to update everyone who has accompanied us through our eth2 journey in welcoming v1.0.0 of Prysm, our Go implementation for Ethereum Serenity. Before November 24th, we will publish a mainnet-ready, v1 release of our code that anyone can run, including tagged binaries via our easy prysm.sh script, docker builds, and also allowing you to build from source.

What to Expect 🚀

  • The Medalla testnet is will be unsupported by next week’s release, Prysm beta.3
  • A new testnet, called Pyrmont, which aligns with the v1.0.0 of the official eth2 specification will start next week, and will then be open for public participation…

Mainnet Deposit Contract Live

Eth2 has finally reached the point-of-no-return with the official launch of the validator deposit contract and the eth2 launchpad on Wednesday, November 3rd! At the time of writing this post, there is over $16 MM USD in ETH already deposited into the deposit contract. Prysmatic Labs officially endorses the following deposit contract as the only one for Eth2


Reminder that this launch is also prime time for scammers to take advantage of recommending you deposit into their contract or without verifying an address. Do not send ETH directly to this contract nor to any other. The correct way…

The community has been asking for a graphical user interface for eth2 clients since we started this journey, and we are proud to announce Prysm is the first eth2 client with a dedicated web portal for your staking needs! We spent a lot of time thinking about what we could create to help our stakers the most, especially those who might not want to use terminal or CLI commands to manage their validator. Starting in Prysm release alpha.29 from this weekend, you can now run your validator with the — web option (two dashes) to start a local frontend in…

🆕 Road to Launch

🔹 Mainnet release public checklist


A public checklist for the eth2 phase 0 mainnet launch has finally been created and released to the public here. If you’re curious about the progress towards mainnet and when we might launch without resorting to speculating about dates, this project board is a great way to do so. To give a more granular perspective of our team’s focus before mainnet:

  • Second security audit
  • Implementing the eth2.0-apis standard in Prysm for client interoperability
  • Wrapping up voluntary exits in Prysm
  • A comprehensive web UI for Prysm!
  • Fuzz testing and resolving important bugs before we go to mainnet
  • Slasher improvements
  • Common slashing…


The eth2 public testnet, Medalla, spiraled into a series of cascading failures this past weekend which exposed several vulnerabilities and process faults in how to best handle critical scenarios. Starting with the receipt of bad responses from 6 different time servers which threw off most nodes running our Prysm client at the same time, our team rushed to push a fix to the problem. This fix contained a critical flaw which removed all necessary features for our nodes to function. This problem led to network partitions, with everyone synchronizing the chain at the same time but unable to find a…


Quantstamp, a blockchain security firm, recently completed its audit of our Ethereum 2.0 client, Prysm. Over the course of 2 months, Quantstamp examined our full codebase for critical security vulnerabilities, gaps in testing, and important end-user considerations for minimizing security risks. Read the full audit report here.

Raul Jordan

Building Ethereum 2.0 @prylabs | CS @Harvard

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