God is good in all ways

Sometimes we ask God why he does what he does

  • Well you might think he doesn’t care about you anymore

Probably that he forgot about you Well let me rephrase what’s God’s point

He wants to make you stronger

I going to tell you a story about my self

Since I was a kid I was in love with baseball, I had a great team we play many games together we had victory, loses but our main idea was to had a fun time playing what we were mean to.

After several years I move to another country ,I didn’t know the language so it was kinda hard to me, I try to play baseball but I was so nervous that I couldn’t focus on the game, so I tell me self I need time to learn how to speak and write in English . I took one year in a half to actually make it happen. During that time that I was correcting my language I keep training and working out so I could have a good shape for my baseball season.

I was ready to play again, all the time that I had convert into English classes will became baseball season. The time that I was waiting for finally became true or that is what I thought before I ask the coach if I was able to play for the teame and there is when he said “sorry but we don’t need you “ . As soon I heard that my heart broke in pieces , my eyes start to cry, I had that feeling when your dreams fail right in front of your eyes , but there’s nothing in your capabilities to fix it at that time, look at the sky and ask God WHY ME WHY.... a silent came true, just the wind the darkness, that was all I would feel and see, but then I heard a lovely voice saying, my child just one fail and you already want to give up, the last thing I heard was, you have to keep doing the right thing, believe in me, trust me, let me take control of your stirring wheel, let me be the driver and you the passenger. The silence was the only thing after God talked to me . I cry over and over for many minutes until I realized that God words were trying to help me recover . I went home sad I couldn’t even talk to anybody, because I would begin to cry again. After several day I start to feel better because I was being obedient to God’s words , so everything starts to make sentence to me .

So my point is :

Sometimes we don’t see what God has for us we don’t understand why he does things in the way he does them but remember something he has a better plan than your , don’t matter what He always want the best for your life
Love God with all your heart and mind

Author : Manuel Antonio