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Luis González-Vaqué — Director of Food and Agrarian Policies of the “Fundació Triptolemos” (Barcelona)

Hey guys! We are Raumly, an emerging online platform that offers tech-driven solutions to find shared spaces and equipment in North-Rhine Westphalia. We are based in Bonn and have a small dynamic team of individuals who want to make a change in the way we consume resources.

We at Raumly strongly believe in collaborative consumption and the growing potential of sharing economy.

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the Director of Food and Agrarian Policies of the “Fundació Triptolemos” (Barcelona), Mr. Luis González Vaqué.

If you don’t know who he is, let us give you a brief about…

Photo by Edward Howell on Unsplash

It is rightly said that sharing is caring. Try to remember every moment when you have shared something with someone. Didn’t it feel good sharing something with others? Now, just imagine all of this at a bigger scale such as sharing a space or equipment for a monetary return. Technically, you don’t have to imagine it because we all are living the concept of sharing at an industrial level. This economic concept is popularly known as Sharing Economy. To explain in brief, sharing economy is more than just a concept. It is a philosophy that is built on collaborative consumption…

Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Have you just started working at an event management company?
Got your first assignment which is organizing a product launch event for one of the clients?
Still, finding a spot to host the event?

So, you go on the Internet and start searching for a space equipped with all the facilities. You have spent hours on end to find the best spot for the event but have ended empty-handed. Disappointed, you share your day with your friend.


An AI driven platform providing hourly based space rentals for corporate & creative personnel

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