7 Reasons Why The Iphone 8 Sucks

iPhone 8 dates announced we are expecting some features which are coming but we don’t want these features as of know

Wireless charging


iPhone 8 will supposedly have feature wireless charging It was a dream feature or dream update but that, ll only be true if It improves how this wireless technology works not like other competitors in market

Hands off


There are number of phones that support wireless charging but this update never works for downside is you have to place the device on charging pads that mean we can’t really use the phone which is downside rather than being advantage over normal wired charging headsets until unless u can pick up the entire charging pad

No headphone jack


headphone jack that is the one reason we hate iPhone 7 & supposedly that too carry forwarded in iPhone 8 too.Since iPhone 8 is planning to have wireless charging too so won’t expect to have headphone jack

Glass back


Supposedly iPhone 8 have glass back like iPhone 4 that’s make phone look pretty but it, ll pick fingerprints like anything & smudges & the downside is if it falls down then chances are it will crack

The camera bump


Supposedly it could have an intriguing vertical camera on the back is looking good but like many other smartphones -protrudes on its back, downside is you can’t lay it flat on its back sounds like nitpicking, but it drives us crazy

Screen notches


Nowadays smartphone screens wont has perfect rectangles.Chances are it also follows the trend and include an odd polygonal display with two odd “notches” for users including developers have pain in the ass


Last but the most important factor iPhone 8 might have price upwards of $1100. Hope for lesser price fingers crossed -we can’t drool all over the thing if we can’t afford.

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