Community Matters — Here are 3 reasons why

Social Value

Nothing says I have a strong bond with my peers or acquaintances like active participation in a social group. Social value is the level of association you have created for yourself with your direct and indirect connections. It’s common talk to be on social media platforms and getting your identity out there, but social value is built when an individual who is visibly active in his/her community also offers thought leadership or opinions. The incredible advantage created by offering your time or insight to aid someone else’s queries is massive and hugely undervalued. It is also one of the most natural social scenarios in a group, where you offer your perspective on a topic being discussed.

Professional & Personal Support

Being in a community is like a 24/7 grocery store with everything you could possibly need to keep the house running. You have a reliable and genuine place that can give you answers, new opportunities, trustworthy friends and most importantly a place to develop your passion. Another distinct advantage that being part of a community has is motivation and inspiration. In vibrant communities, there is always bigger and better things happening which inspire individuals to do more and achieve goals.

We’re All In This Together

This is by far my most solid reason to being a part of communities. Whether you’re looking at it from a professional or personal angle you will more than likely hear that the single biggest strength of being a part of a group is contacts/networking. I believe that is a shallow answer which has led to people not discovering the true value of relationship building. Joining a community that aligns with your passion, skill set, goals or personality also allows you to meet like-minded AND fascinating individuals. What’s interesting is that most of them have probably also joined for the same reason you have, to develop by sticking together. When you realize that everyone in your community is not just a face but rather a story that has unique insights, you feel inclined to know more about them and in turn discover more about your shared goals.