The Design Thinking Manifesto — Times Are Changing

Times are changing. Well the times have always been changing in the past 50 years or so but now it’s really transforming, fast! It can be seen from a personal view, with daily choices being heavily reliant on your goals to a professional view, with a growing impatience to be your better self or get up that career ladder. Time has now been realised as the most valuable finite asset and what you do, who you are with and how you plan on spending that time are major decisions. I can only speak for myself but will assume that when you intend on buying a product or service it’s for benefitting the value of your finite time. That can be from buying the right groceries to choosing the right holiday or grabbing the right meal. Bet you noticed the key word in all those examples, and no it’s not “the”. As consumers continue to choose what is right for them and what they want to achieve or utilize, they have transformed to a “need to know more” mindset that have in turn made them the real decision makers. This is in my opinion the best thing that could have happened to retail, because it brings the ball from the cost-profit court to the relevance-profit court. By that I mean brands, company strategists and decision makers have to now really get to know the individuals buying their goods and services and must continue to understand and create value to be the loyal brand for him or her. They also, have to constantly look into their products and make sure it gives value that competes with the consumer’s intrinsic decisions and end goal in mind. All of the legitimate decision makers have realised this some time back and they are now the global leaders in market share, simply because they understood that in order to be engaging, gain trust and have relevance which equals value, they had to really understand and empathize with the human experiences and design their company ethos, entire systems and products to give those time valued solutions. What I just wrote about is an intro into a fundamental shift in business that is called Design Thinking.

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